First light in Atlanta

First light in Atlanta. Similar composition to the last, painted at the Olmsted Plein Air Invitational this summer. Atlanta commissions lots of large murals, which is what the teal dabs of color are on the far building. I was thinking of omitting it, but the cook from the nearby cafe said that I should include it: because they replace the murals every couple of years, it would place the painting in a specific time. 12x16”.
An old Baptist church beside the highway in Gloucester, Virginia. A 12x16” painting from the Gloucester plein air event.
Was very honored that “Toward Gloucester” was awarded Grand Prize by judge Kenn Backhaus at this summer’s Gloucester plein air event. The light effect was subtle during the two hazy mornings I painted on the York River in Virginia. I’m trying to approach more light-filled subjects and scenarios, in order to see more nuances in this register....
16x20” plein air painting from several hours at a marina in Gloucester, Virginia. I don’t second-guess my mark-making as much when I’m exhausted and hot (summertime), which is sometimes preferable. This will be on display at the @zollstudio faculty/student exhibition this weekend. .